Broke Your Screen?



It might have been a grandiose drop from the upper stairs of your staircase, or even a little slip of the hand while you were sitting at a table talking with your friends – you hear the abominable sound of cracking glass and brace yourself for the worst as you pick up your IPhone: the screen has cracked. A cracked screen is, truth be told, a very common occurrence; it’s safe to say most users will drop their phones at some point in their lifetime of IPhone usage. So what to do now? The answer is threefold – you have three options at this point. Read on below to find what they are:

• Get Apple to repair your phone – the most obvious course of action to take when an electrical device breaks, is to take it to their original manufacturer for repairs. This is all good and well, but there is one main point that renders this otherwise perfect option a bit unattractive – the cost. Apple customer care services are expensive – you can expect to dish out a few hundred dollars on a screen replacement. Furthermore, a point that has been observed by many people is that Apple does not, in fact, ‘repair’ your phone – instead, it ‘swaps’ your broken phone with another refurbished model. Don’t get wrong though, the refurbished model works perfectly fine, but it doesn’t really count as repair though.

• Get a third party to repair your phone – this is, money-wise, the most recommendable option. There are many trusted third party repair services, and an IPhone 6 screen replacement from them hardly looks any different from an original, brand-new IPhone. Plus, they are a much cheaper option than relying on Apple, so you can’t really see any harm here.

What you have to look out for is however that some of these repair services might use ‘non-official spare parts’ – what you’d call imitations (has anyone heard of Chinese spare parts?). However, as long as you rely on a trusted IPhone screen repairs service with great reviews, you can rest assured of this last minus point and get your phone fixed for less.

• Do it yourself – this is the least recommended option. It virtually voids any warranty your phone has, and if you’re not careful, you can say goodbye to your phone for ever. However, if you really think you can fix your phone by yourself, you can buy repair kits from online sites; the internet also has some helpful how-to guides which instruct you on the repair process. The option is certainly the least expensive, but it carries a big risk, so think twice before attempting to repair your IPhone screen by yourself.