The Blessing Of Our Time: Mobile App Developers

Smartphones are a common phenomenon in our lives. So common that they are inseparable with our daily activities. Ardent users of smartphones will be woken up by the phone’s alarm, reminded of the day’s to do activities by the phone’s reminder, directed through town by the phone’s map applications, reply to emails, get restaurant and finally relax on the couch playing games. Not to mention connect with friend and family through the vast and many social networks and instant messaging applications.

Smartphones are basically mobile phones pre-installed with an operating system. The rulers of the mobile operating system kingdom are: android, iOS and finally the windows OS. Android is the most used mobile OS. This is because its source code is open and can be customized by different manufactures to fit and flow with their devices. Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Motorola and Lenovo are some of the mobile manufactures that have used the android OS to unravel revolutionary devices. In 2014 we have seen the release of Samsung S5 and the HTC M8. This devices are a true manifestation of the limits to which android can stretch. The iOS is a closed operating system and hence it used by its owners to run the best iphone screen repair Melbourne. Although with numerous fumbles, Microsoft has tried to maintain their market share. Unlike android that is used on many devices and iOs that runs on iPhone, windows signs patents. The windows OS was formerly used on HTC devices but the current producer of windows phones in Nokia. 

With the high number of smartphones on the market. Mobile app developer firms have been pushed on the edge and now we have millions of application in the different app stores. Siri Inc. produced a revolutionary application that can call, text, set reminders and schedules, tell the weather, find places and even tell the user what to wear, the company had originally planned to release the app to be used on various mobile operating system platforms; the acquisition of the rights to the use of the program by apple led to ultimate cancellation of this plans.

Timeout is a famous iPhone app in Sydney that just like siri offers an incredible repair deal companionship. Using such an iPhone app in Sidney can completely turn the experience of your tour to an imaginable pleasure and enjoyment. A big city like Sidney has numerous events of which some are your favorites. On your own, you can easily miss out on these events, but with a personal assistant like timeout, an updated list of all events and news will be available at your palm.

Google play store is the trove of all gems with reference to applications. Thanks to android app development firms for now we have over 1,200,000 applications to choose from in the android play store. Surprisingly, 63 percent of this app is free. Unlike apple and windows that are a little more expensive on their applications, android charges an average of $ on their applications. What an incredible way to treat their customers! Caution is however to be taken when making a choice on the apps; 18 percent of them have been reported to be half baked.